Figure-Skating Clubs

To be useful to adult figure skaters, a figure-skating club has to be more than just a handful of "enthusiastic" parents of young skaters, plus their coach, serving on its Board. It has to represent the best interests of the entire figure-skating community, including adults, male and female, when it comes to scheduling freestyle sessions, test sessions, competitions, and events, and in other situations as well.

Here are a few of the clubs in the New England (USA) area that we've found to be especially welcoming of adult figure skaters.

Babson Skating Club

My wife Barbara and I are members of this club, and participated in several of their shows in 2005 and 2006.

Franklin Blades Skating School (FBSS)

We regularly compete and do exhibitions as members of FBSS.

New England InterClub Council (NEICC)

Many figure-skating clubs are members of this regional "umbrella" organization, so check out its web site for listings of clubs, of club-related activities (such as competitions and test sessions) in the area, etc.

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